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Step 01: Watch Video, "Just the Way You Are"


Step 02: Answer the Following Questions

  1. What is the Purpose of Reflection?

  2. How did Mr. Rogers encourage reflection?

  3. "It seems to me Charlie that the things that are center stage are rarely the things that are the most important. It's usually what is happening over in the wings [that are most important]." ~Mr. Rogers. As it relates to your organization/team, what would represent "things that are center stage" and what would represent things that are "happening over in the wings?"

  4. Mr. Rogers built his show using simple interactions, everyday objects, and difficult topics. If you were going to create three 'Mr. Rogers type' shows for your team, what simple interactions, everyday objects and difficult topics could you discuss to encourage reflection? Name two of each (six total).

  5. How can you, as a leader, encourage reflection?


Step 03: Watch the Following Coaching Video

Coming Soon!

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