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The Currencies of Tomorrow

Lasting change is only as enduring as the emotion that precedes it. Without that emotion, the will to change undoubtedly fades away. Your character is built upon all the emotions you have experienced leading up to this point in your life. If you want to change your character and become a better person, then finding that emotion to drive you to a higher level is not just recommended, it’s vital. It’s called Window Three.


Welcome to Session One: Change. This session introduces you to the ideas that relate to both Emotional Intelligence & Change. We’ve all heard the old adage, “The only thing constant is change.” If you are going to have success with this program, it’s going to be based on your ability to change and to think differently. Session One highlights the difficulty in a person’s ability to change. Only upon understanding this difficulty can you begin the process of moving in a new direction. 


Welcome to Session Two: Choices.  This session helps us continue our journey toward growth, development and change.  The purpose is to get down to the basics of change and focus on the choices that lead to the required emotion.  We will be learning how to break down our choices into three options, each gaining in the level of emotion the outcome offers. 


Welcome to Session Three: Communication.  This session’s focuses are on Questioning, Power Questioning, Positioning Statements and Light Commands.   Broken into three parts, this session will give us the ability to enhance any conversation by adding control and allowing others to feel ‘Understood.’ 

Self-Importance VS Self-Worth

Welcome to Session Four: Self-importance vs. Self-Worth!  For many, this might feel like the most psychological topic we discuss, as the session requires us to dissect our underlying motivation.  It is this underlying motivation that is responsible for determining success in both your life and career.  This motivation is the basis for virtually all of your choices and, therefore, this is not a session that should be taken lightly.  Just as it is very difficult to include quantitative information as support for this topic, it is also difficult to put a finger on why some succeed and others do not.  Remember, character is what you do when nobody is watching.

Taking Control

Welcome to Session Five: Taking Control.  This session consistently receives positive feedback from viewers.  With a topic that relates to participants setting goals and moving in a specific direction, you may have expected to find this session near the beginning of your coaching experience.  However, we feel that in order for participants to decide where they want to go, we need to offer a few choices first.  With that, Taking Control was put toward the middle of the Season 01 line up. 

Letting Go

Welcome to Session Six: Letting Go.  Eckhart Tolle feels that humans create and maintain problems because the problems give us a sense of identity. This in turn might explain why we often hold onto our pain far beyond its ability to serve.  Make no mistake, letting go is, without a doubt, the toughest choice humans are asked to do.  Whether it’s a relationship, a habit, an attitude or a lifestyle, at some point we must learn to let go.  Those of us who learn the value in letting go early will be the ones who find new opportunities to, lead us into this new economy!  

Hope VS Fear

Welcome to Session Seven: Hope VS Fear.  The purpose of this session is to showcase the roles hope and fear play in a person’s personal life and professional career.  After all, growth is typically the result of challenging ourselves when faced with adversity, and typically, it’s that adversity that initiates the fear!  This session takes many of the ideas relating to Choices, Self-Worth and Letting Go to the next level!


Welcome to Session Eight: Transparency!  Let me begin by saying that if this session doesn’t inspire discussion within your group, then nothing will.  Every bit of this session should generate some VALUABLE debate and brainstorming activities.  As we will discuss, transparency is far more than just a trend.  Transparency is a movement, supported by technology, that will continue into our foreseeable future.  The organizations that are able to understand and utilize society’s transparent approach will use it as an immeasurable tool for progress and growth.  Those that can’t or don’t will view the concept as an enemy. 

Creating Your Environment

Welcome to Session Nine: Creating Your Environment.  This session is of utmost importance for teams and organizations because a workplace environment plays a huge role in how an entire organization communicates. An environment has real emotional impact on both customers and employees, and a positive environment can help customers and employees obtain favorable outcomes including achievement, enrichment and an improvement in social context.  Let’s begin!

Communication Part II

Welcome to Session Ten: Communication, Part Two.  Most of us have been exposed to some form of learning in which the importance of Listening and Nonverbal Communication are discussed.  However, very few of us ever do anything with that information.  As Morpheus tells Neo in the movie, The Matrix, “Neo, sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”  Let’s walk the path, shall we?


Welcome to Session Eleven: Objectivity.  This session is one of our more thought provoking sessions that may create more questions than it answers.  Therefore, it is important to be completely thorough when engaging in the discussions related to Objectivity.

With that said, this session also serves as a great opportunity to think about your level of awareness for both yourself and others, while at the same time recognizing the need to make the choices that will improve that awareness.  It will be a task that requires you to spend less time proving yourself and more time improving yourself.  Let’s begin! 

Emotional Intelligence

Welcome to Session Twelve: Emotional Intelligence.  As you are well aware, this is the final session for the Level Three Coaching Program, Season 01.  It is good to have an end to journey toward, so long as you remember that the end is not the reward.  The reward is the journey itself.  The goal of this session is to bring ourselves, full circle, back to where we began, back to where all great journeys begin: The Now.  Our mission has always been simple awareness, or a better understanding of both yourself and others, the first part of our definition for emotional intelligence.  

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