1. While the majority of the Level Three Coaching Program is video based, you should treat this program as one BIG conversation.  The more you discuss these ideas with  fellow team members, the bigger the impact this program will have on your life and career.
  2. To ensure delivery of all communication, please add our contact information to your address list: ChoicesRule@WindowThree.com.
  3. Your Coaching Guide will be shipped to the address used for this enrollment. Please look for further communication from within your organization. 
  4. Each month you will receive two emails from Window Three.  The first email will serve to introduce a new session.  The second email will serve as a reminder for that session.  
  5. Video Streaming. Please keep in mind that corporate internet speeds are not always set up with video in mind.  If this is a problem, try one of the following options: 1) Let the video fully load prior to watching, 2) Change the video from HD to SD (lower right corner), or 3) Watch the videos on a mobile device or at a place with faster wifi.    
  6. Login.  In the past, users of Internet Explorer have reported issues when logging into the Window Three website.  If that is the case, try using a more user friendly web browser such as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
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