Who benefits most from an online coaching platform?

  • Corporate Trainers wanting to offer their team an on-going coaching program.
  • HR Directors searching for ways to build awareness and dialogue within an organization.
  • Leaders wanting to learn the art of motivational leadership and incorporate more coaching with team members.
  • Organizations needing to challenge their business approach and improve both communication and culture.
  • New Hires.  This program provides a platform for discussion relating to expectations and customer/team interaction.
  • Top Performers.  Top performers want more than a generalized training seminar.  A year-long theory based program offers a higher level of learning that they will appreciate.
  • Sales professionals wanting to adopt a more interactive and engaging approach.

What are the varying tracks of Level Three Coaching?

The Level Three Coaching Program can be experienced on one of three tracks: Motivational Leadership, Relationship Sales and Team Culture.  If you aren't in a leadership or sales role, be assured that the team track is right for you!  The discussions and ideas for each of the tracks remain the same and differ only in the scenarios and examples being used.  By having three different tracks,  an entire office can go through the same program, but with a message that is unique to individual members.

Does Window Three offer Corporate Subscriptions?

Yes.  Contact us at choicesrule@windowthree.com and we'll set up a time to talk!

How long is the Level Three Coaching Program?

The Level Three Coaching Program is a total of 13 sessions.  Each session is made up of about nine videos that, combined, are approximately 90 minutes in length.  Sessions are meant to be watched monthly and participants will have access to the Level Three Coaching Program, Season 01, for a period of 13 months.

What types of results should I expect from Level Three Coaching?

The Level Three Coaching Program is essentially a LONG, POWERFUL conversation that you have with your team.  Similar to a family setting where everyone is comfortable discussing challenges and opportunities, your team will develop an awareness that improves how they interact.  This awareness will impact what we call the BIG FOUR: Productivity, Retention, Customer Loyalty, and New Accounts. 

Tell me more about the content of the Level Three Coaching Program.

The Level Three Coaching Program is made up of 13 Sessions: Time & Emotion, Change, Choices, Communication - Part 1, Self-Importance VS Self Worth, Taking Control, Letting Go, Hope VS Fear, Transparency, Creating Your Environment, Communication - Part 2, Objectivity, and Emotional Intelligence. 

While these sessions are built mostly with video presentations, they also include activities, case studies, challenges, questions, and even a behavioral profile (DISC Profile).  All of the ideas in the Level Three Coaching Program relate to emotional intelligence.  Teams can watch the sessions together or individually.  However, it is suggested that teams eventually discuss the ideas together and relate the ideas to the needs of t.  Sessions can also be broken up into smaller chunks to create bite-sized weekly meetings.

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